Storium Arc #2 – Our Favorite Games


Episode 2! How can that be. We must be serious about this. Join us as we talk about Our favorite games, private messaging, Game etiquette and posting moves.

Show Notes

— intro music
00:32 intros
00:50 gamma update (private messaging)
03:02 gamma update (other updates)
05:50 favorite games
21:40 game etiquette and posting
51.46 closing

Games Discussed

Timer: A Sliders Adventure

Vessel Control

SS Mercury – the new Frontier

Fantastic America

Murder in Room 1600-NIMH Noir Mystery

Department of Abnormal Occurrences

Space Cowboys

Time Guard – Pathfinders

Time Guard – Ice Shield

Bards and Madmen

Fire in the Blood

The Moonlight Suicides

Tainted Shores

Mech Battle League

Base Raiders

The House at 1427 Mulberry Lane

Safe Haven Games

Hosts (storium links)
Justin – @Twisted_Gnome
Aaron – @MacStainless
Rob – @Durus
Kaitlyn -@ ThatOneDM
Miki -@MikiTracey