New Worlds Report Episode 18: The Unsolved Cases of Sherlock Holmes and The 33

New Worlds Report returns as we talk about two more Kickstarter worlds. In this episode, we discuss The Unsolved Cases of Sherlock Holmes and The 33!


The Unsolved Cases of Sherlock Holmes:

The 33:


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  1. Robert Mohr
    Apr 21, 2017

    Took me a while to get to this one, but these sound great! I can see myself in a game for either of these very easily.

    On Sherlock Holmes, I totally want to play one of the Baker Street Irregulars other than Wiggins himself. In a game about searching for Sherlock or carrying on after him, I could see one of those kids being an excellent main character or constant sidekick, as opposed to their more side character status in the main stories. Heck, maybe go whole hog with it and portray him as one Sherlock had recognized talent in and been teaching as a sort of secret apprentice. Think that’d be fun. Agree that it would also be cool to see a cop who was better at his job than cops tend to be in detective stories – maybe one who had accepted Holmes before or “upped his game” as a rival. That could be a fun character to play too.

    There’s a pretty nice video game series on Holmes if you’re into him, by Frogwares. Incorporates a lot of good Holmes stuff, and sometimes mixes it with other lore in interesting ways – I know there’s one with Holmes investigating Cthulhu mythos stuff, and one with him seeking out Jack the Ripper. There’s also games focused on more purely Holmesian concepts, of course.

    I think you need to either have a very good plan and way of managing the game to run a mystery game…or be excellent at tying together whatever your players come up with. Would love to see @mforrester run a Sherlock game with how he’s done mystery things in the past so well.

    The 33 sounds amazing as well. I also thought of Esoterrorists at first, but I think they’re kind of two alternate takes on similar starting concepts. They start close to each other but go in pretty wildly different directions. For instance, the 33 has you actively using lots of supernatural abilities, where – correct me if I’m wrong – I think the Esoterrorists specifically has the agents avoid supernatural means of stopping the threat because that in itself would enhance the threat (the belief of the agents themselves makes the threat stronger, I think). Seems more of an action tone to the 33, too, where Esoterrorists is generally more investigative (in its original form, one of the games using Pelgrane’s Gumshoe system for mystery games). All told, though, you can probably take some ideas from one and fit them pretty well with the other!

    For the 33, I immediately had a character spring to mind: a legend or mythic creature that is helpful to the 33 and actually used as part of them because it’s particular powers are useful. I’m thinking of the Baku creature from Japanese lore, whose powers are centered around devouring dreams and nightmares. I think that could really, really work well with the concept of the 33, with the idea that all these creatures exist because of or are powered by belief – the Baku could probably be worked in such a way that its powers become about eating their “substance” or the “dreams/nightmares” they are made up of. 🙂