Episode 49! Let’s Do the Twist! (Spoiler Warnings!)

Spoiler warnings apply! Today on Storium Arc, it’s time to talk about twists – how do you introduce a twist in your tale, or in a character, in a way that adds to your story rather than detracting from it? What are some interesting types of twists used in fiction? And just what is the dark secret that Chris has held for all this time? All this and more in the latest episode of Storium Arc!

  • 00:38 Intro
  • 02:17 What is a Twist?
  • 08:15 Types of Twist
  • 01:07:25 Conceptualizing and Creating Twists
  • 01:19:03 Making Twists Logical
  • 01:27:24 Using Storium to Support Twists
  • 01:45:32 Wrap-Up
  • 01:46:45 Outro


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