Episode 21! About Time We Talk With Robert

In this episode, we meet Robert Mohr, we also discuss Story vs Mechanics.

Show Notes

00:00 Intro
00:51 Meet our Guest host Robert Mohr
24:24 What’s more important Story or Mechanics
60:30 Back to the Future (and homage to our listeners, Steven and Storium)


Guest Host BioI’m Robert Mohr—I’ve been an RPG GM using various tabletop systems to varying degrees of success for about 16 years, now, starting out in high school. My favorite system presently is 13th Age, which I think achieves a good blend of tactical play, storytelling support, and ease of use for the GM. I’ve actually run most of my games so far systemless, though.

Aside from enjoying RPGs, I’ve dabbled in writing, composing, and 3D art. I haven’t published anything at this point…I’m working myself up to it. Slowly.

I was attracted to Storium as a game that takes the collaborative writing approach from systemless games and MUXes, and combines it with just a touch of mechanical support to keep things organized and help encourage collaboration. I’ve been on it since May 2014, and have participated in several games that ran to completion, and ran one to completion myself so far—hoping for more!

I also run the ironically uncreatively named blog, Gaming Creatively, which covers GMing for tabletop games, character creation modes in video games, neat little art gadgets, and most recently Storium. Storium makes up most of the content these days, and I’ve started cross-posting Storium articles to theStorium Arc blog site.


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