Bonus Episode: New Worlds Report Episode 2 Xenowealth & The Exchange

Join us in this series of special bonus episodes as we talk about Storium’s Kickstarter worlds. In episode two, we discuss Xenowealth & The Exchange.


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  1. Robert Mohr
    Apr 21, 2016

    Interesting, and some good analysis here, guys. Although, interestingly enough, my gut reaction is to reverse those ratings.

    I think that Xenowealth looks like it has a wealth of content, no pun intended–a good collection of information about different worlds, alien races, and strange little tweaks to the sci-fi setting. I love the idea of worlds connected by wormholes that are actually *on the planet*–that’s just a really interesting little twist that seems like it could provide some fun story ideas in and of itself. Add that to the setting information that’s provided and my view on it is that you’ve got enough there to provide some great starting points for stories.

    I think the difference, maybe, between my view on this and @Ceekayell’s is that I don’t really think I’d sweat whether I stayed true to the original novels. I don’t know them, so I would take these as a wonderful starting point and tell the story that I want to tell. I wouldn’t do much external research–I’d just use what’s presented here, and what’s presented here, I think, is more than enough to get me started telling some fun sci-fi stories that involve some unusual concepts.

    Overall, I do agree that it’d be a good idea, probably, to *focus* your individual story…but what I think is nice about Xenowealth is that within this design you’ve got a lot of different places, plots, and concepts that you could decide to focus on. I look at it and I feel like I can pick a spot and play in it…and then for another game, pick another spot and play in it. It’s like using the setting for, say, 13th Age, or another tabletop game. Sure, there’s a ton of stuff, but that’s good, not bad. You’re going to use what you need to use and use the rest in some other game.

    For The Exchange, on the other hand…looking at it, I think it looks useful but not as exciting. There’s just not that much there that makes it feel “different” than the existing cyberpunk world. It’s a little brighter, perhaps, but it feels like a pretty standard cyberpunk theme: corporations in control, the rich getting richer, people hooked up to the net via implants…aside from having a couple premises in it, which are nice, I don’t see that it adds much. The Narrator Intel section says it’s a little different from regular cyberpunk, but…I’m just not that sure that it really is.

    As Miki said, I’ve played this game before. Twice, in my case. I’ve been in two cyberpunk stories:

    “The Lure”:

    “The Cost of an Arm and a Leg”:

    I don’t see much here that makes it feel that different from either of those tales, so to me this feels more like…hrm. It’s kind of just a slight variant on the basic world with some more material. Not bad, but just not as expansive as I thought I might see.

    I guess that’s the difference for my view…if I’m going to use a world rather than make up my own, I *want* to see a whole bunch of stuff in there so I have plenty of things to pop in the story or plenty of areas / worlds / etc. to choose from. The Exchange seems like it will be useful to those seeking to run a cyberpunk-style story who need a little bit more of a shove in the right direction than they get from the basic world, but to me it didn’t offer a heck of a lot beyond that.