Episode 22! A really late discussion with Alex Rodriquez

In this episode, we meet A.M. Rodriguez. We talk about Storium fan projects and have a heated discussion about the future of Storium.

Show Notes

00:00 Intro
00:50 Meet our Guest host A. M. Rodriguez
19:35 Storium Fan-Works
36:15 Storium Going Live (Sorry this is so late)
93:44 Outro

Guest Host Bio:

Alex is a celebrated nobody who hasn’t accomplished much within his lifetime, except get confused for other random individuals. An NPC by nature you can usually find Alex scuttering about in the background engaged in hobbies which interest him, such as: tabletop gaming, writing various fantastical stories, tapping his artistical and creative nature, and falling victim to the ravaging beast of procrastination which do not allow him to complete his writing or artistic endeavors.

Alex lives in a house, because it would be illegal for him to roam the street as he hasn’t had his rabies shot yet.


Storium Games:

Other Storium Links:

A quick shout-out to Steven Hood and company re: the free memberships and membership options, from Robert:

I have to really compliment Steven Hood and all the Storium staff on this issue. They sent out their initial announcement, but very quickly after that, they began to send out e-mails to several Storium users, myself included, asking detailed questions about the membership options and free memberships. The current membership / free membership options are the result of extensive conversations with the player base, not just on the forums but via e-mail as well.

I feel they’ve done an exceptional job with paying attention to the player base’s views on this issue, and applaud them for really taking the time to do this. They are continuing to monitor the forum conversation on this issue, and are working hard to make this the best balance and give people with free accounts the right type of access to get them interested in Storium.

It is a difficult balance to find, and I think they have found a level that allows people to experience the game and learn what Storium is all about, which is the goal of a free membership.

A lot of the issues mentioned by the hosts on the show have been addressed by this model, I believe, and it has provided a level for more casual Storium players. If it isn’t worth $40 to you because you don’t find yourself playing in that many games simultaneously, you now have a valid option to still play in the community. Overall, I think they’ve struck a good balance here, but time will tell how well it works.
Re: the actual price…$40 a year is a good price to me, roughly equivalent to the prices of generally similar online services (such as various virtual tabletop sites). It’s all in how much you use it, just as with any other service.

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