Behind the Keyboard: Greymalkin

Behind the Keyboard Episode 3! In this episode we talk to Meg, better known on Storium as Greymalkin!  Lover of language and self-professed Shakespeare nerd, Greymalkin can be found playing games such as Unrequited, Audley End, and Lights Camera Action: Take Two.   You can also read her impressive list of finished games which include many features such as This Rough Magic and Equinox: First Bonding.   Greymalkin is a Storium mentor and English teacher who we are sure will play an integral role in the new Storium for Schools initiative. Greymalkin’s Writing:

Behind the Keyboard: Furare

In this bonus episode of the Storium Arc podcast, we interview Furare!  An avid player on the site and participant in the community, Furare was one of the very first mentors on the site and still offers her expertise to beginners today.  Furare is known for narrating deep and complex worlds in the science fiction and fantasy genres, so sit back, relax and enjoy as we get to know the person behind the keyboard.

Bonus Episode:  Behind the Keyboard!

In this bonus episode of the Storium Arc podcast, we interview Pyrria and talk about her writing on and off Storium, her experience as a Storium user, and get to know a little bit more about the person behind the keyboard! Play in new window |...