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Happy Birthday, Storium Arc!

One year ago today, the Storium Arc podcast’s first episode released here on the site…so, today, let me wish my pals on the podcast side of things a happy birthday! I credit Storium Arc with the revival of Gaming Creatively as a Storium-focused blog. It was through listening to their show that I really realized just how much there was to talk about with Storium. More than just my personal narration style and playing style…concepts behind how the game worked, ideas for improving yourself as a player or narrator…heck, it could be fun to even just share neat things that happened in the games we played! I didn’t want them to have all the fun. And make no mistake–they have a lot of fun, and so do we, when we listen to their work....

We have a Winner!

Congratulations to @Matjaza aka Robert Mohr!

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