New Worlds Report Episode 18: The Unsolved Cases of Sherlock Holmes and The 33

New Worlds Report returns as we talk about two more Kickstarter worlds. In this episode, we discuss The Unsolved Cases of Sherlock Holmes and The 33! Links: The Unsolved Cases of Sherlock Holmes: The 33: Play in new window |...

Storium Theory: Postmortem: Changing Days

This post originally appeared on Gaming Creatively on March 16th, 2017…and I once again forgot to post it over here. Sorry! It’s been a little while since it finished, but today, it’s time to talk about Changing Days. I let this go a bit longer than I meant to again–didn’t really have time to think this through and give the game a look over until now. Changing Days ran from February 28th, 2016 until February 21st, 2017, a little shy of one year. As a reminder, I write these articles as a review largely of my own role in the game as a narrator, trying to draw on my experiences and figure out what went well and what went poorly due to my actions. I may mention player input at times, but that isn’t the primary purpose of these...

Behind the Keyboard: Greymalkin

Behind the Keyboard Episode 3! In this episode we talk to Meg, better known on Storium as Greymalkin!  Lover of language and self-professed Shakespeare nerd, Greymalkin can be found playing games such as Unrequited, Audley End, and Lights Camera Action: Take Two.   You can also read her impressive list of finished games which include many features such as This Rough Magic and Equinox: First Bonding.   Greymalkin is a Storium mentor and English teacher who we are sure will play an integral role in the new Storium for Schools initiative. Greymalkin’s Writing:

Storium Theory: Happy Birthday, Storium

This post originally appeared on Gaming Creatively on March 2nd, 2017. Bit of a different post today. March 1st, 2017, marked the one year anniversary of Storium‘s public launch. So for today, I thought I’d take a look back at what has happened over the course of the last year, since the public launch, both personally and in terms of the Storium system changes and updates. Let’s start with Storium itself. I’m not going to list off every improvement, as that’s what the “What’s New” page is for – and there’s a lot on there, believe you me – but I’d like to go over what I’ve found most exciting or useful over the course of the year since launch. First off, I have to mention Storium‘s...

Episode 42! Love is in the Air

In this episode, we discuss writing romance in Storium games. Show Notes 01:08 Intro 01:33 News 04:47 Geek-Out: Games We’re Excited About 10:10 Romance in Non-Romance Games 11:08 Romancing: PCs vs NPCs 28:42 Building the Romance 37:44 Pacing Romance as Part of the Story 46:51 Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them 01:23:41 Wrap-Up 01:25:17 Outro Links: Storium Game Links: Project Mogul: The Brazel Ranch Occurrence: Time Guard – Rogue’s War (Season 3): Past the Asteroids and Under the Ice: Spycraft: The 1960’s: