About Us

Storium Arc is a podcast dedicated to the storytellers playing the online story-writing game Storium. This podcast is run by a dedicated group of enthusiastic Storium players. Each brings a unique point of view to the show to make game play better and elaborate on ways to improve the unique game that is Storium.

Who We Are

Behind the mics are:

  • Podcast – Justin, Kaitlyn, Aaron, Bob, Zachary, Gina, Matt and Miki.
  • New World Report – Chris, Jojo, Matt, Kaitlyn, Justin, Zachary and Miki
  • Beginner Games – Erin, Chris, Matt, Bob, Zachary and Justin

With any production, there are a bunch of hard-working individuals making sure to source great content and produce a quality show. Our behind the scenes heroes are: Matt, Bob, Chris, JoJo, Justin, Miki, Dan, Fred, Rob, Hannah, James, Jim, Alex, and Pat.

Our sound editors are: Matt, Chris, Bob, Justin and Miki.

How to reach us

Have something cool to tell us? Fire off an email, tweet it to us, or post it to our Facebook page.

Our music is courtesy of BenSound.com.

Storium Arc is a FAN podcast and is not affiliated or endorsed by Storium or any of its creators. It may be unofficial, but we think it’s still a lot of fun.